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Thursday, 6 July100th Birthday Party Concert
Tuesday, 5 SeptemberAnnual General Meeting

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6 July 2017
100th Birthday Party Concert

Invitations such as this do not happen that often, so with the greatest of pleasure the choir attended the 100th birthday party oF Elsie Murrel at the Ermine House Care home.

The event was not without its problems because a lift within the building had broken down such that Elsie could not come downstairs in her wheelchair to attend the party in the large lounge. So the choir took the stairs up to a much smaller room where, in rather confined quarters, they sang about a 30-minute concert of music selected from the programme the previous Saturday at the Annual Concert. In addition, Brian Cropley sang 'Danny Boy' by special request from the birthday girl.

Everyone left feeling that the choir had been very privileged to share in such a special occasion which obviously brought great pleasure to Elsie and her family.

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5 September 2017
Annual General Meeting

Twenty members attended the AGM with apologies from just five. Both the Chairman and Music Director, in their annual reports, said how well the choir had performed over the past 12 months with a particular emphasis on developing new material and trying new and very different settings. The Music Director pointed out the difficulty in acquiring stand-in accompanists if needed. He also said that the repertoire for the coming season would include more folk music.

In the past year we had welcomed three new members - Eric Farthing, Steve Vaughan and Howard Gannaway.

Tony Daborn presented a healthy set of accounts that indicated that we had comfortably paid our way despite having a very full and busy year of concerts and other performances. The meeting unanimously approved a staged increase in fees over the next 12 months. Tony announced that he would be standing down as treasurer at the 2018 AGM.

All members of the Committee had agreed to continue in post. In addition, on 1 January 2018, Bill Leaper would take over full time as the concert secretary. Although no longer on the Committee, Keith had agreed to continue as the liaison with the North Hykeham and Lincoln Civic Parties, and with the banner and uniforms. Our full committee for 2017-2018 is:

Chairman and Concert Secretary- Brian Cropley
Treasurer - Tony Daborn
Secretary and Website - Steve Griffiths
Music Director - Crauford Thomson
Accompanist - Heather Benson
Publicity and Welfare - Brian Oldfield
Librarian - Mick Bowbanks
Concert Secretary (from 1 Jan 18) - Bill Leaper
Civic Party Liaison - (Ex Officio) Keith Hebblewhite

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