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Tuesday, 8 SeptemberAnnual General Meeting
Tuesday, 2 FebruaryAnnual General Meeting

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8 September 2020
Annual General Meeting

We were unable to hold the 2020 AGM inn early September because we could not meet collectively because of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. This meeting will now be held on 2 February 2021

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2 February
Annual General Meeting 2020

We delayed last year's AGM in the hope that the Covid-19 pandemic would ease and allow us to meet in person. We are now some 4 months after the initial date and still deep in lockdown so the committee decided to hold the meeting via Zoom. Steve sent the two members not able to use Zoom all the details of the meeting and both voted to support all proposals that needed a formal vote.

The meeting began with a 2-minute silence in the memory of Tony Daborn, Baritone, who had just passed away after a long battle with cancer and in memory of Esme, the young daughter of Geoff Black, 2nd Tenor, who had also just passed away after a very debilitating illness.

Eighteen members attended the AGM, 16 via Zoom and 2 via postal votes. The Chairman, Brain Cropley, in his annual report, noted that we had been forced by the pandemic to cancel all planned concerts during 2020. (A full list of these is in the 'Looking Back / Concerts' webpage). He was pleased how well the choir had stayed together both singing and socially with the virtual rehearsals and coffee chats via Zoom. He thanked Crauford and Heather for the former meetings and Steve for the latter. Since the start of the pandemic 5 members had left the choir: Dave Stewart and Jonny Muirhead, 1st Tenors, Geoff Black and Ron Travis, 2nd Tenors, and of course Tony Daborn. Looking ahead, Brian said that the choir would continue with the virtual rehearsals and coffee chats until we were able once again to return to in-person rehearsals. He felt it reasonable that we should plan to hold the Poppy Appeal concert next November.

In his report, the Music Director thanked the choir for the way they had risen to the challenge of using Zoom to enable the members to continue to sing. He noted how important it was to practise singing, without which we would take even longer to return to concert standards.

Ron Travis had formally stood down as the choir's Treasurer. John Nobbs had agreed to take over the role and was unanimously elected by the meeting. In his annual report, John confirmed that the choir's finances were fully sufficient to meet all expected expenditure.

All other committee members had agreed to stand for another year and were unanimnously voted onto the committee. The full committee for 2020-2021 is:

Chairman - Brian Cropley
Treasurer - John Nobbs
Secretary and Website - Steve Griffiths
Music Director - Crauford Thomson
Accompanist - Heather Benson
Librarian - Steve Vaughan
Concert Secretary - Bill Leaper
Civic Party Liaison - (Ex Officio) Keith Hebblewhite

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