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Annual Dinner 10 July 2018

For the fifth year in a row Steve once again booked the Carpenter's at Fiskerton for the Annual Dinner. Altogether 26 members and their guests attended.

The Carpenters

Everyone was able to order in advance so that service on the night could be swift and efficient and it was. Once again, the food was excellent, promptly served, hot and delicious.

Waiting for Starters

We had not seen Brian O at recent rehearsals and concerets, so everyone was delighted to see him turn up.

Welcome Brian

The only downside to the evening was the decision by the venue to put on a pub quiz half way through the evening with the loudspeaker system very loud in the dining room, which somewhat inhibitted conversation. Not only that, but hardly anyone knew the answers!

No Clue As To The Answer

Brian Does Not Care

If the choir opts for another dinner in 2019, we shall check whether there will be a quiz on the night and if so we will go somewhere else. Shame really, because the Carpenters has done so well for us over the years.

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