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Our Music Portfolio

We have some 125 individual songs in our music library. These range from traditional Welsh Male Voice Choir songs, spirituals, music from musicals, swing, English traditional ballads, shanties and, of course, season-specific church music especially for Easter and Christmas.

At the start of each new season of concerts in September, we will focus on learning new pieces or dusting off ones not performed for a while. Our aim is to have a set repertoire of songs for the season from which we can select sufficient for each concert with a few left out to be used at the next concert. This allows us to vary the concerts and ensure we are not singing the same programme when we return to a venue. This is particularly important as we return regularly to some of our venues.

Since the move in 2019 to singing just one major themed concert, we have acquired lot of new material based on theatre and cinema music. We also add one or two new pieces each year within the other categories listed above.

In addition to the set pieces we sing as a choir, individuals may offer to sing solo pieces. We currently have three tenors who regularly sing solos or duets. What they sing is entirely for them to select. Heather, our accompanist, is always willing to help practise a solo piece ahead of a concert.

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